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White Goods

Reliable White Goods For Sale in Telford

Purchase a new or used fridge freezer, dryer, cooker, washing machine or freezer today, from Gary Telford Sales Dawley. Come and visit our unit or contact us today to see what is in stock. Based in Telford.

Come & See What White Goods We Have In Stock

Here at Gary Telford Sales Dawley, we stock a wide range of well-known branded white goods. From Samsung fridge-freezers to LG washing machines. Buying any white good can be expensive but not here, come and visit out unit today and see what we have in stock or call our team today and we'll be happy to help.

White Goods

Is your washing machine or fridge freezer broke? Gary Telford Sales Dawley have wide range of branded white goods. All of our appliances are fully guaranteed and are competitively priced.


Perhaps you need your white goods taking away. Gary Telford Sales Dawley also provide reliable white goods removal and house clearance services. For further details about our range of white goods and other services, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Our range of white goods

  • Washing machines from £70

  • Tumble dryers from £50

  • Cookers from £60

  • Fridges from £45 Freezers from £45 fridge freezer from £99 

  • Dishwasher from £70 Vacuums from £20 

white goods

The Best White Goods Around!

Would you like to see what white goods we have in stock? Simply call us on 07534 168459 or 01952 506124.

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